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We welcome all contributions to the T-Ender. Please send any material for the site by
email to the address above. 

The views expressed on these pages are not those of Gloucester City A.F.C., its directors or officials, or of any other company mentioned. Neither do they represent the official views of the Gloucester City Supporters' Club or its committee.
While we make every effort to ensure information placed here is accurate we do not accept responsibility for errors that may occour. If you do find a mistake please let us know.

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All material may be reproduced with permission and appropriately attributed.

City Roll of Honour

Former Players

Players Leaving Season 

Mark Abbott 1999-2001 Luke Corbett
Darryl Addis 2004-06 Michael Whittington
Karl Bayliss 1992-95, 2000-01, 2002-04 Jacob Giles
Chris Burns 1996-99, 2001-06 (player-manager) John Williams
Tommy Callinan 1992-94, 1998-2001 
                     (2000-01 manager)
Darren Robison
Simon Cooper 1996-98 Troy Wood
Paul Chenoweth 1999-2001

Jonny Miller

Lee Davis 2003-05 Shabir Khan
Jason Eaton 1990-92, 2005  Ollie Barnes
Steve Fergusson 1991, 1996-2000

Mike Fowler 

Brian Godfrey 1987-1994 (manager) Matt Bath
Neil Griffiths 1999-2006 Aaron Wilson
Tony Hemmings  1998-99 Paul Stonehouse
Jon Holloway  1996-99 Ray Johnston
Andy Hoskins 1997-98, 2000-05 Danny Hodnett  
Brian Hughes 1988-96, (1998- 2000 manager) Joe Tustain
Steve Jenkins 1999-2004  Ben Ashford
Gary Kemp 1991-99 Jimmy Cox
Keith Knight 1990, 1994-96, 2003-06. Jamie Morse
Andy Mainwaring  1997-99 Matt Shaxton
Gary Marshall 2000-03  David Wilkinson
Adie Mings 1996-99, 2004 Jason Welsh
Steve Mokler 1997-99 Scott Griffin
Nigel Niblett 1998-2000 Chris Thompson
Luke Prince 2001-02 Jamie Price
Leroy Rosenior (1996-98 manager)

Luke Buttery

Jimmy Smith 1999-2000 Jody Taylor
Will Steadman 1997-99, 2000-03  
Steve Talboys 1987-92, 2000  
Marvin Thompson 2003-06  
Andy Tucker 1996-2001  
Gary Thorne 1996-2000  
Wayne Thorne 1998-2001  
David Webb 1990-91, 1993-99  
Mike Wyatt 1998-2000  

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